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                            ABOUT US


Crutnix is an online community website where users can interact with each other in their preferred community where they can discuss, talk, suggest, ask questions, answer questions etc and connect with other members.

We only collect your date which you provide to us that is your email id and your name associated with it. You can also change your name   whatever it suits to you. We use them because to provide you with much more ease to use our website. We have not connected our website to any other third-party website so we do not disclose your information and keep them safe within us.

Our systems are well protected by antivirus. Our website has a valid SSL certificate from Sectigo. Only authorised person from our website can access your information. Your login email id will be not visible to any other member of the site only your name (which you can change) is visible to others so that people can know you.

If you have any problem, question, suggestion, inquiry kindly mail us at :-


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